Order Sons of Italy in America,

 Pompeo Coppini Lodge #2712, 

San Antonio, Texas


  • Enroll all persons of Italian birth or descent, 

  • Promote national education, 

  • Secure adequate laws for the benefit of our members, 

  • Encourage dissemination of Italian culture in the United States, 

  • Uphold the prestige of the people of Italian heritage in America, 

  • And initiate & organize movement for patriotic and humanitarian purposes, thereby establishing a motto of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity." 

Today OSIA:

  • Researches Italian American culture and history

  • Promotes the study of Italian in the United States

  • Encourages young Italian Americans through scholarships and other educational programs

  • Organizes grassroots efforts to support legislation and other issues of importance to Italian Americans.

  • Raises money for worthy causes

  • Supports diplomatic relations between the United States and Italy 

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